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MOUSAi is finally back on the scene. After losing our last facility to development of the Union Market area, it became apparent to us we need to create a viable and sustainable model for creative studio space.

Meet "THE BUNKER". This facility will be a private live streaming and recording studio for up to 200 artists who are serious about their content creation. Supported by member dues, this facility will use revenue to give support directly back to the artists, with new equipment, renovations, appliances, & more. This location will have a recording suite, 2 vlog/podcast incubators, a photography room, crafts room, wood shop, & large lounge 4 fellowship.


APPRENTICE: for those who want to learn design through our architectural drafting program, or audio and video production from lead industry professionals

TECH MEMBER: For those skilled in production looking for a studio to bring clients or work on projects.

STANDARD MEMBER: For those looking for a creative work space for networking, collaboration, and artistic resources.

About MOUSAi

MOUSAi takes the stance that art and music have been approached incorrectly when facing the issues of displacement, and maturation. By building a haven dedicated to creativity, and resource provision, we believe we can help creatives quit the 9-5 grind. Our community is built off this conviction.

4 Us, Ground Zero is education, and yet again we differ from the norm. Apprenticeships are of the oldest educational philosophies; as it never suffers from issues regarding student-2-teacher ratios, or handicaps caused by standardization. They rely solely on the reputation of the pedagogue, and the resulting production of their students.

What's left? Only to provide a means to which creatives can thrive. With overwhelming evidence of displacement and lack of support, the need is great to curate a true haven for underground artistry; affordability, accessibility, and most importantly, security.

Men Speaker