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About MOUSAi

MOUSAi takes the stance that art and music have been approached incorrectly when facing the issues of displacement, and maturation. By building a haven dedicated to creativity, and resource provision, we believe we can help creatives quit the 9-5 grind. Our community is built off this conviction.

4 Us, Ground Zero is education, and yet again we differ from the norm. Apprenticeships are of the oldest educational philosophies; as it never suffers from issues regarding student-2-teacher ratios, or handicaps caused by standardization. They rely solely on the reputation of the pedagogue, and the resulting production of their students.

What's left? Only to provide a means to which creatives can thrive. With overwhelming evidence of displacement and lack of support, the need is great to curate a true haven for underground artistry; affordability, accessibility, and most importantly, security.

Facility Startup Schedule

Why wait?? It's not an issue of feasibility, it's an issue of plain making sense. With only 100 individuals per location, MOUSAi can not only serve those surrounding our first location, but also build creative facilities throughout the DMV. In order to truly be accessible, neighborhoods throughout our region must be served. This means the more members we recruit, the more locations we will be able to open; making sure no matter where you are in the district, you will have access to the haven.

  • 12.00 PM

    Truck Unload

  • 3.00 PM

    Open House (Members Only)

  • 6.00 PM

    Member & Apprentice Live Meeting

    Gaje Jones, speaks on access, availability, and opportunity.
  • 8.00 PM

    Membership Pictures and interviews.

    Used to promote your brand on our website.
  • 12.00 AM


  • 9.00 AM

    Doors Open

  • 10.00 AM - 10.00 PM

    Workshop Availability

    Open availability for workshops
  • 7.00 PM


    Member planned, Core team approved, max 75 attn.
  • 9 AM - 12.00 PM

    Studio Openings

    Incubators, Audio Lab, Woodshop, & Crafts Room
  • 12.00 AM



    For members who need a small free showcase.

    30 max

    25 attendees or less. 3hr max

    70/30 Proceeds,

    50 attendees or less.4 hr max

    60/40 Proceeds,

    100 attendees or less 5 hr max

    50/50 Split

    Instructional/Educational events.

    Unless free 70/30 Split

Apprentice Program

The best way to learn is to get your hands dirty by immersing yourself in the subject of your chosen desire. The apprentice program caters to this; learning by actively producing real member projects . APPRENTICES are the knowledge seekers of the MOUSAi Community. Learning by shadowing professionals in field as well as hands on experience by helping other artists in the MOUSAi family. Apprentices are the main a/v and design support for many of the community oriented events we curate, and help MOUSAi execute the programs that have become our corner stones. Access and education equally traded for their time and energy.

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Bala Harper

Audio Production Lead

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Travis Washington

Video Production Lead

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Ken Mutamba

Project Manager

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Sharieff Muhammed

Apprentice Manager



4319 Rhode Island Ave, Brentwood, MD

Its been about a year since we were displaced from our first location, giving the owners way to continue their plans of development. Now the wait is over.

The Bunker is a 4,000 square foot underground studio space ripe for our community to curate into our new home. 100 slots available, members will have access to our growing resouce pool for their projects and collaborations.