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The Haven 4 Underground Artistry

Phase One: Building a true "Gym For Artists"

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The Problem Creatives Face

Result from the lack of resources, and creative support. It isn't just the full time artists who suffer either. For those who want to learn a new skill, craft, or trade, the choices left in our cities are expensive studios or art instructors. Pre-recorded youtube videos require you to learn with no structure or focused direction, all the while having to invest in the expensive equipment you need to learn.

MOUSAi plans to change all of this by building a true Gym for Artists. The plan is set, now all we need is you


Grass Roots Investment

It's time for creative community to take on ownership for the benefit of affordable studio space. MOUSAi is structured with 90 artist equity partners, each serving our community through education and production services. As a community business, we want to be grass roots funded, matching our mission.

Our campaign is different, as we are not just promoting MOUSAi, we are promoting the art scene as a whole. Throughout the campaign we will be curating HQ live stream events, programs, workshops, and shows of our supporters. By Joining in this movement you can benefit from our production team live streaming HQ video of your shows or studio sessions, network with amazing artists in our backend social media site, attend live streamed classes on production or art crafts, and much more.

Campaign Investment


Future Facility:
A Gym For Artists

Our base of operation is Washington, DC. and with the partnership of 90 core artists, and several development and creative companies, we are building a true Gym for Artists. The facility will be built for high production live streaming and recording. State of the Art Equipment will ensure the productions of live shows and classes will be leading the industry in quality.

But this facility has more then just a need for affordable production, It also serves the need for affordable studio space and creative fellowship. With lounges computer labs, a hostel, flex and long term studio space, this vision solves a multitude of needs for artists.


A New Style
Of Creative Business

2017 so far has been interesting, to say the least. One thing learned from the many opinions swirling the social networks is that entrepreneurship is the way to be free in this country. Artists were the original entrepreneurs; creating goods, and selling them in market places. Trades of all kinds have to date, been reduced to employees, losing their rights to intellectual property, and self development.

MOUSAi is about reversing this trend. Every member of MOUSAi is also a contractor; a freelance entrepreneur to the skill they possess. With work kept in-house and rights given to all production participants, MOUSAi acts only as an infrastructure helping small creative businesses. This video looks back to our incubation period at 411 New York Ave Warehouse.


Building A Global
Creative Community

We don't just wanna change the game for underground artists in the DMV, we want to change the global artistic community. As we grow we want to provide the creatives spreading across our region a platform for content creation, support, and showcasing. As we campaign for our first facility in DC, we want to tour cities all across the east coast with our HQ live production equipment to produce amazing audio and video for your fans. Streaming content in line with the quality of our BYOB Jams media live will bring underground artists exposure and amazing content.

Investment Campaign