For Urban Communities within the DC Metropolitan Area

Art and Music have been slowly removed from our schools, and consequently, our communities. The business side of art is rarely addressed in our education system, causing many artists to struggle. Thru tailored programs such as, affordable art and music programs, business and branding consultations, and contract job placement MOUSAi is dedicated to serving its surrounding community thru the arts.


MOUSAi acts as a bridge between the aspiring and accomplished artistry of creative individuals. A service based company providing education, management, and production artists need to realize their potential.

Our Goal

To provide a secure space for the community to cultivate their creativity thru art and music. We are currently approaching the start of our campaign for a location here in the Ivy City neighborhood of Washington, DC, with the anticipated outcome of providing a full production community studio, and venue.


Is extremely unique, inviting, and friendly. You'd be hard pressed to find anything that feels more like home.

Our BYOB SESSIONS act as our weekly open house, and has become a great way to learn more about our artist community. Come by and meet the team!


Our biggest resource is our people. By Joining us you are supporting are mission to change the art community for the better

There are many ways to be apart of MOUSAi's community of amazing artists, engineers, and musicians. We've broken our packages into 3 categories of involvement. Each have valued benefits to show our appreciation for each member, sponsor, or affiliate.

Our Story

It Started with music lessons out my living room...

We started from humble beginnings as a free afterwork meetup for those who loved to teach, and those who wanted to learn art and music. Over the years a community developed around the mission that music and art should be accessible by all. Even though we've come a long way way from the living room endless jam sessions and homemade bread and olive oil, its plain to see that we still hold on to the same values. Our programs, events, and services are a catelogue and our portfolio of how we are accomplishing our goal to Save The Arts.

Our Programs and Events

Everything we do is unique to the culture of our community. Whether its a vocal ensemble or our BYOB Jam Sessions your bound to have a great time and meet some amazing artists.

For The Different Minds

A way to cultivate your creativity.

Contact Us


411 New York Ave NE Washington, DC 20002
Washington, DC, 20002



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